Wood sculpture 'Black keys' by Teresa Hunyadi
Bird and Chair wood sculpture by Teresa Hunyadi. Bird is inspired by a kingfisher. The photo was taken outside.
Detail of a wood sculpture depicting a bird (owl) and a chair. The photo is taken outside with evening light.
Two wooden hands with spoons
Bird and Chair sculpture by Teresa Hunyadi. Sculpture placed outside in front of a big blue door. Side view. A wooden bird (Shag) sits on top of a wooden chair.
Image of Sculpture 'No enemies' made by Teresa Hunyadi. Two halves of a tree trunk, standing vertically. The insides are facing each other and show a repetition of smooth carved out bowl shapes.
Big wood sculpture that is laying on a white platform. Its twisted shape makes it possible to be rolled from one side to the other. Teresa Hunyadi
Image of Sculpture 'Now' made by Teresa Hunyadi. A wall-hung piece of a round relief carved piece reminiscent of a clock. The hands of the clock are appearing in one line.
Image of Sculpture 'In Horto Sum' made by Teresa Hunyadi. Two big carved pieces of oak, placed horizontally, appear to be crawling between their former neighbours - still standing oaks.
A delicate wooden sculpture in the shape of a lotos leaf. Teresa Hunyadi
Metal sculpture made out of cut, welded and bent iron sheet material. Teresa Hunyadi