Commission: Miniature Birds

Have your individual miniature bird carved! Over the past months I have been busy carving more and more of these birds by request.

Object Rotterdam

Exhibition view of 'Bird and Chairs' during Object Rotterdam 2024

Referencing the book ‘The conference of the Birds’ written by Attar, my growing body of work: ‘Bird and Chairs’ was presented during Object Rotterdam.

Commission: Grave 42

Image of a work in progress of a wood memorial in Kumiko technique made by Teresa Hunyadi.

A memorial for a too-early-born child on a grave with wild flowers. The star shaped form was made in Kumiko technique and filled with bamboo.

Ash glaze experiments

A round fire bowl full of burning wood shavings.

What I do with all my wood chips? Here is one answer to that question – I burn them and keep the ashes for ceramic glaze testings.

BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors

A bottom up view of the crown of a birch tree standing in the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh.

Maud Start meets wood sculptor Teresa Hunyadi for an interview at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. Featured in the ‘Out of Doors Programme’.

Commission: Orang Malu

Wood carving Orang-Malu, front view, by Teresa Hunyadi

Tradition says, when you enter a house and you touch an Orang Malu Sculpture, they will take your pain for you, giving space for new beginnings.