In hortō sum

Image of Sculpture 'In Horto Sum' made by Teresa Hunyadi. Two big carved pieces of oak, placed horizontally, appear to be crawling between their former neighbours - still standing oaks.

132 x 40 x 28 cm and  176 x 55  x 33 cm Oak (GB) Caol Ruadh Scottish Sculpture Park, June – September 2017   Lunga Estate, Argyll Scotland In hortō sum 2016 22 x 23 x 23 cm and 19 x 33 x 22 cm Beech (GB)

Vegetable Animal

39 x 37 x 34 cm Laburnum (GB) Photos by Mark Osborne

On Masks: Crocodile

28 x 25 x 50 cm Kapok / Ceiba pentandra (GM) Photo by Florian Schadauer

On Masks: History

21 x 16 x 71 cm Gean (GB) Photo by Mark Osborne


50 x 2.5 cm Juniper (NO)

Study on Form: Renben

A delicate wooden sculpture in the shape of a lotos leaf. Teresa Hunyadi

5 x 25 x 20.5 cm Hinoki – Japanese Cypress (JP) 蓮弁 – Renben, a lotus petal. Following the way of traditional Japanese form and technique. Photo by Mark Osborne

GV 20

41 x 28 x 20 cm Linden (AT) Photo by Tirza Podzeit & Aslan Kudrnofsky


17 x 9 x 25 cm Linden (AT) Photo by Tirza Podzeit & Aslan Kudrnofsky