2024 – A word for, Museum Hacker Haus, Bad Erlach, AT, Video: Ein Wort für
2023 – Mitbewohner, DUO with Markus Redl, Project space Wohnzimmer, Kunstverein Baden, AT
2019 – Places of Comfort, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, UK, Video: Places of Comfort
2017 – On Masks, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh, UK, Video: On Masks
2017 – Heimspiel, Landespflegeheim Baden bei Wien, AT
2015 – Teresa Hunyadi, International Office at Joshibi University of Arts and Design, Sagamihara, JP

Group exhibitions

2024 – Limburg Biënnale, Maastricht, NL
2024 – Grand buffet d'art, Papaver_Poppinn Amsterdam, NL
2024 – Hortus Plants & Art Fair, Botanical Garden Delft, NL
2024 – Object Rotterdam, Haka-gebouw, NL
2024 – Kersvers, Galerie Arti-Shock Rijswijk, NL
2023 – Ledententoonstelling, Galerie Arti shock Rijswijk, NL
2023 – Natur!, Dokumentationszentrum für moderne Kunst NÖ, AT
2023 – Curating Peace, Kunstverein Baden, AT
2023 – Study on East and West on show at the Botanical Garden Delft, NL
2022 – Betwixt and Between, Ausstellungsbruecke, St. Poelten, AT
2021 – Parallel Vienna, Vienna, AT
2021 – Current, White Space Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
2021 – Schwebend, Kunstverein Baden, AT
2021 – Lentesalon, Prinsenkwartier, Delft, NL
2020 – Changing Tides, SSA, Edinburgh, UK
2020 – You Are Here, International online group exhibition / Curators: Kate Trafeli and James Stewart
2020 – Hulabhaig Uig Open: Re-imagined, UK
2019 – St Columba’s Hospice Annual Art Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK
2019 – Caol Ruadh Scottish Sculpture Park, UK
2019 – Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition, Invited Guest Artist, London, UK
2019 – Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, streetside space, UK
2018 – mengenMengen, Kunstverein Baden, AT
2018 – RBA Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries London, UK
2018 – RBA Rising Stars, Framers Gallery London, UK
2017 – Grown Together, St. Margaret’s House, Edinburgh, UK
2017 – Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts Annual Exhibition, UK 
2017 – Hortus Redux, Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park, UK
2017 – Annual Exhibition, Paisley Art Institute, UK
2016 – The Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK
2016 – North Ayrshire Open Art exhibition, Eglinton Park, UK
2016 – Annual Exhibition, Paisley Art Institute, UK
2015 – 16XGallery Peithner-Lichtenfels, Vienna, AT
2014 – Homepake, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT
2014 – Junge Kunst Parcours, Brotfabrik, Vienna, AT
2013 – Ich sehe deine Worte nicht in Farbe, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT
2013 – Pique-nique, Festival à Corps, Poitiers, FR
2012 – UpSideDown & Co, Festival à Corps, Poitiers, FR
2011 – Homepake, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT
2011 – Essence, Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna, AT
2010 – Take a Seat Make a Seat, Habari, Vienna Design Week, AT



2015 – Exchange semester at the department of Sculpture, Joshibi University of Arts and Design, Japan.
2010 to 2015 – Bachelor and Masters Degree with distinction ( from University of Applied Arts Vienna at the department of Art and Education. Dual Majors in Design, Architecture and Environment (Design and Technology) and Art and Communication Practices (Fine Arts). Specialisation in Material Studies (Ceramic and Wood).
2007 to 2009 – Diploma with distinction in Graphic Design, from Die Graphische Leyserstraße, Vienna, Austria.


Edinburgh College of Art, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, X – TU Delft, International School Delft, Beeldhouwwinkel Den Haag, KunstenHuisIdea Zeist, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop – Bill Scott Sculpture Centre, Centre for Fine Woodworking – UK, The Forge UK Community maker space. For notifications of upcoming courses please sign up to my newsletter.

Community Projects

    •  In Touch Tours, sculpture exhibitions, events, and guided artist tours designed for access by touch and presented for blind, partially sighted and sighted people, since 2018.
    • Leading the participatory sculpture project ‘Woodland Choir’. A two-week journey to co-create a sound sculpture with 21 students from Kilmodan Primary School, Argyll Scotland.
    • Volunteering in support of Reforestation on Holy Isle on Scotland’s West Coast.
    • Initiating an Art Sale at Kunstverein Baden, Austria, with its fund going to The Sewing Cooperative in Rome, Italy.
    • Invited curator for ‘Chiselled’, an exhibition in support of the stone carving community in Edinburgh, UK at the RGI Kelly Gallery Glasgow.

awards /funding /grants

2023 – Derde plaats op de Ledententoonstelling, Arti shock Rijswijk, NL
2022 – Fonds Quadrat and Mondriaan-Fonds, funding for website updates, NL
2022 – Werktuig PPO, subsidies for specialist training in wood turning, NL
2019 – Project Fund with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for In Touch Tours, UK
2018 – Marianne von Werther Memorial Award, London RBA, UK
2018 – Nathan David Award for Sculpture, London RBA, UK
2017 – Emerging Artists Bursary Scheme 2017/18, City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland, UK
2017 – Milly & Benno Shotz Award for a young Sculptor, Glasgow RGI, UK
2017 – Beltane Studios Foundry Award, Paisley, UK
2016 – Visual Artist Award, City of Edinburgh Council and Creative Scotland, UK
2016 – McKay Award, Paisley, UK
2015 – Continuous support from Colin Lindsay-MacDougall and Sarah Suttie, UK
2015 – Emanuel und Sofie Fohn-Stipendienstiftung, Vienna, AT
2015 – Michael Zoller-Stiftung, Niederösterreich, AT
2015 – Siegfried Ludwig-Fonds, Niederösterreich, AT
2013 – Förderstipendium, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT

invited talks

2022 – Speaker of the Symposium ‘Realities of Geometries’, The Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC), Aug, NL
2022 – Edinburgh Tool Library, July, UK
2022 – Team building/training event at Buurman Utrecht, March, NL
2021 – Home and Heart event by Edinburgh International Festival, November, UK
2021 – Material Deformations of Penrose Tiling in cooperation with Dave Murray-Rust at the Mathematics and Arts Symposium during the annual meeting of the German Mathematical Society and the Austrian Mathematical Society, Oct, DE

residencies / scholarships / research trips

2023 – Stay with wood turner John Hodgson, October
2020 – Residency at Sturt, NSW Australia, April until July – cancelled due to COVID-19
2018 – Rome Scholarship of Royal Society of British Artists, Italy, July  RBA Rome Blog
2017 – Residency at Caol Ruadh Scottish Sculpture Park, March, UK
2017 – Research Trip in The Gambia on maskings, masks and local timber, January and February
2015 – Research Trip in Japan, on Eastern and Western form language in traditional wood carvings, July and August

Teresa Hunyadi works with wood on the most immediate level, cutting, sculpting, honing and shaping her material with reverence and imagination. A small work here, Juniper, signifies its own source but also comes close to a type of 'pure' sculpture, referencing archetypal forms, such as a boat or weapon.

– Giles Sutherland, The Times (UK)

I was really engaged by Teresa’s work. Her objects so often sit in between our everyday classifications; of animal/vegetable, organic/inorganic, abstract/natural. It’s a powerful ambiguity. Other artists might draw out tensions between frames of reference, but with her works it feels more like a gentle refusal of categories in the first place.

– Tim Fairhall, Musician
When I attended the exhibition, I was only in my first year of blindness, but the show helped pull me into a more tactile way of interpreting the world. For the first time I was able to experience art in a wholly new, unique and comfortable way. I’ve used the same techniques of exploratory touch in my daily life since the exhibition and it has given me more confidence, courage and patience when coming across unfamiliar objects.

– Carol Nash, Exhibition visitor

I met Teresa at a conference on Medieval sculpture, testament in itself to her dedication to wood carving and the breadth of her vision. Her infectious enthusiasm for wood and every aspect of working with it struck me immediately. She generously considered questions I had, as an art conservator for National Museums Scotland, regarding a 14th century sculpture I was conserving. The depth of her knowledge and understanding of her material were extremely useful in helping me formulate my thoughts on the construction of the piece.

– Diana de Bellaigue, Artefact Conservator, National Museum Scotland

Teresa Hunyadi carved a piece of bog oak into a swelling wave and floated a wooden boat on this wooden sea. It is rather beautiful.

– Duncan Macmillian, The Scotsman (UK)
Teresa, gently and with deep-seated respect, asks her lovingly acquired natural blocks of the material to partner her on a journey of discovery. With no need for ‘ownership’, she will gladly describe to anyone interested the beauty innate in the material.

– Johnny Ragland, Designer and Researcher

Teresa’s work shares an ancestral/cultural path directly into the traditions of Austrian and West African wood carving. Within both those traditions is the quasi-ritualism that inhabits some of her works. Her masks are not intended to be worn. Instead, there’s a living presence carved into them. Indeed the hollow at the back is more a head-shaped absence rather than a place for a head to go. Within them there is deliberate stillness.

– Tim Pomeroy, Sculptor
Teresa’s work has had a powerful effect on her non-sighted audience over and over again. Not only for those individuals, young and old, who have experienced sight loss over many years but for newly blind people. She treats her audience with respect and as equals and acknowledges that they also have something very noteworthy to share in return. I was particularly impressed with Teresa’s deep-seated willingness to learn about the “blind” experience of the world and how she was eager to give blind people the opportunity to experience her artwork.

– Rosita McKenzie, Blind Photographic Artist