Black keys

Wood sculpture 'Black keys' by Teresa Hunyadi

43 x 19 x 13 cm Oak (NL), recycled piano keys

Meine Suppe

Two wooden hands with spoons

106 x 47 x 76 cm, 2023 Elm: Ulmus×hollandica, NL The title is loosely based on ‘Suppenkasper’s well-known saying: “Ich esse meine Suppe nicht.” Suppenkasper is a short story in ‘Der Struwwelpeter’ – one of the earliest German children’s books. Exhibition view ‘Curating Peace’ at Kunstverein Baden, 2023.

C sharp minor

13 x 50 x 20 cm Oak (NL), recycled piano keys Photo by Monika Novkovik


14 x 21 x 16 cm Victorian Ash (AUS) Photo by Monika Novkovik


10 x 23 x 9 cm European Softwood Photo by Anurag Bhambani

Study on East and West

53.5 x 23 x 9.5 cm Mountain Cherry (JP) Photo by Tirza Podzeit & Aslan Kudrnofsky